Miloh Fox is an eco-conscious casual wear brand designed for longevity, not landfills.


Miloh Fox is a sustainable casualwear brand that believes in extending the lifespan of clothing by offering classic, timeless silhouettes and earth-inspired hues. All of our garments are cut, sewn, and dyed in Los Angeles, lowering our carbon footprint and providing jobs for our local community.


All of our clothing is made using GOTS certified organic cotton, protecting the health of the farmer and biodiversity of the land. The cotton is grown and handpicked in India, then shipped to California where the textiles are woven. After purchasing the fabric from our local supplier, we drop it off at the dye house. All of our garments are dyed using low-impact dyes -- this requires less water during the rinse process, and does not require toxic chemical mordants or heavy metals -- resulting in a lower environmental impact. -- We then drop the fabric off to our manufacturing team to be cut and sewn. From there, everything is tagged and packaged using 100% recycled retail bags and mailers. Our fabric supplier, dye-house, and manufacturer are all located within a 10 mile radius. This makes quality control easy, which is an integral part of the entire production process. 


From the farm to your closet, we believe in wearing sustainable clothing that has an impactful story to share with the world.

xo, MF